Will I Break?

Will I break?
If I decide to forgive
Not just me but everyone
Including love for everything he did and will still do

Will I break?
If I stripped down naked
And he sees all he wanted to see
Including the flaws and insecurities

Will I break?
If I let him mend my broken heart
Trusting he won’t break it more
As I let him see my vulnerability

Will I break?
If I just love him without fear
Being all that he needs and wants
And never expecting his love back

Will I break?
If I just put my trust in him
And never doubt his love
Yet appreciate all his effort and the years

Will I break?
If I just forget about this question
Because he knows my issues yet his still here
Imperfect yet he holds me like a goddess.

©Kitty Minaj

How Do I Forgive?

How do you forgive?
The smile that brighten your day
But now darkening your faith
Yet you can’t seem to let go

How do you forgive?
The eyes that showed you peace
But now showing you pain
Yet you can’t seem to let go

How do you forgive?
The warmth of his touch
But now feels so cold
Yet you can’t seem to let go

How do you forgive?
The pleasure that filled you up
But now breaking you apart
Yet you can’t seem to let go

How do you forgive?
The only heart that was made for you
But now just confusingly distant
Yet you can’t let go

How do you forgive?
The one that showed you love
But now breaking your heart
Yet you can’t let go

How do I forgive?
You, the one I love so much
But now hate with all my being
Yet resentment I remain without letting go.

©Kitty Minaj

Words Vs Feelings

I said I am not going to cry
With tears in my eyes
Flawing hard like someone died
It felt like my heart did

I said he is not worth it
Yet I need him more
So how do I let it go
It felt like I crashed my soul

I said it’s okay,It’ll pass
But holding on to him feels right
Or am I lying to myself
It felt like I was a fool

I said no more Relationships
But I need love so bad
Yet I keep messing up
It felt like I’ll never be loved.

©Kitty Minaj

Why Is Love So Forgiving?

•For it is filled with anger
But holds no grudge
•It hurts so much
Yet it’s the amazing kinda hurt
•It is an emotional ride
That is filled with so much warmth
•It breaks you apart
But filles you up inside
•It makes you cry everynight
Yet gives you joy everyday
•Love is not so easy
But it is patient and indeed so kind
•Love is Forgiving
For it is pure and when it is true.

©Kitty Minaj

Never Letting Go

Why do I stay when I want to go?
Is it because I have hope?
Or maybe it is because I don’t want to be alone.
I stay and all I do is complain.
Complain that I might be going insane.
Insane of the thought that it might be my fault.
But who is to blame?
Is it me or is it him?
Neither one of us will go.
Although we know we must go,
All we do is ignore the pain
Of all the words we exchange.
I know I must go, but I don’t know.
If I go, I will be alone.
But why do I stay?
Only to hear him say,
“You’re to blame for all my unhappiness and pain.”
I know I’m not to blame for the choices he has made.
So I stay, hoping he will grow,
Grow in love and be consoled knowing I will never go.

Love That Lasts Forever

I admit I'm not over the past
Because it hurts every time you text me
Just know that I don't blame you
For I failed to make you love me
It sucks that I'm still angry 
Because when you say I love you
I want to cream I hate you
crazy that with all the pain
I still can't run away from you
 I don't know what the future holds
But I feel like I'll be holding your hand
Even with all the drama
I know this love will last forever.

©Kitty Minaj

The Colors Of Love

The colours of love
Shines deep in your eyes
The diamond in the sky
Flourish through your heart
Red was a promise
But it always made me cry
So you painted the sky blue
For me to let go of my baggage up high.
Green was the colour of your spirit
Filled with the goodness of life
But your pain, you couldn’t hide
Yellow led me through your soul
But it sucks I couldn’t heal your sorrow
Yet you still held me in the dark
Somehow black became the colour of our love
It brought us peace and underatanding
Pink became our commitment,
To each other’s downfall.
Till we danced to the lime rhythm
And white filled our floor
That’s when you said, ‘I owe you forever’
And thats when i said, ‘Forever is colourless’
You said, ‘Forget the colour because love is blurry’
Guess thats why we’re floating on the clouds now
Making vows with our bodies
And peace to our imperfections
Love is indeed color blind
And it is up to up to fill it up with colours
Shade every part with truth of relations
Colourless that’s the colour of love.

©Kitty Minaj

The Scent Of Gucc!

I can tell it’s you before you enter the door
Your scent’s so powerful, it fills up the compound
And feels me with so much joy
Your scent I can not resist
For it fills my heart and arouse my mind
Giving me the shivers without a touch
With your smile it just makes it a bonus
Then you held me, I wish I could die
Because even your lust smells so nice
Like fresh roses from up above
Your skin’s like snow in the summer
So gentle and soft drizzling through the bottom of my nostrils
Interacting with the cells in my vains
Your scent in my blood, I can’t describe
For it makes me come alive
Again and again, every time I sniff in the air of love
Never understood how you get to smell that good
For most perfumes never last
Yet your aroma’s strong and only yours
Never met someone with that kind of scent
Now I believe that indeed nobody smells as good as the person you admire.
The scent of Gucc!
Filled with love.

©Kitty Minaj

First Night WithOut Gucc!

Dear Diary Today,
I Feel like being naughty
And write naughty things.
But truth is, I am so emotional and hurt.
For i have left the only piece that filled my heart
To see mom but I am falling apart
Without him by my side
It hurts more as I am laying in his bed side
Reminiscing while naked and sad
Sniffing in the scent of us making love
This morning on our couch
I swear I don't wanna ever wash my thingi
For the scent of our sex is power
But not powerful enough to bring you close
And that killed me alive,
I miss you and that's a fact
Hit me up, don't let it mute.
As i rub my vagina with my hand
And cover my nose
Then close my eyes and sniffed it all night
And that made you feel close.
Fuck COVID-19!!

Love Kitty Minaj
By kitty Minaj

Love Is A Verb

It’s funny that when it starts to rain
We miss the sun
I never knew I was in love
Till I watch you walked out
I had to lose your love
To locate my heart
I used to think love was a noun
Till I held you in my arms
Now I know love is verb
Cause I can’t fight the feeling inside
Your touch I can not resist
For I love you so much.

©Kitty Minaj