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Holding On

It's like I was born with a broken heart. Everything I touch shatters into pieces, With every breath I take, I come apart, Almost has if I wasn't meant to live this life, Like I am trapped in the worst matrix, Even hell could be better than this, For the walls keep caving in on… Continue reading Holding On

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I’m Not Going To Cry…

I'm not going to cry I deserved it, I deserved it The endless pain and misery Who am I to be free? I'm not going to cry I caused it, I caused it The hatred and the loneliness Who am I to be loved? I'm not going to cry I forced it,I forced it To… Continue reading I’m Not Going To Cry…

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Alone In July

Alone in JulyOh,how I wish I could dieWrapped my self in these blanketFor the cold of loneliness has occupied my spaceIt froze my bleeding heartCausing it to hurt my chest,Numb my body becameYet my inside felt so much painLike a million needles inside,Oh, how I wish I could screamBut what's the point when no one… Continue reading Alone In July

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Like a devil torturing my skull With a hammer banging my left side Feeling every pain run through my head Causing the blurriness of my eyes And the tasteless of my tongue Enabled the feeling of vomiting My face felt so numb Yet the discomfort of my tears couldn't be ignored When my heart broke… Continue reading Migraine

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Emptiness Warm My Heart

Emptiness warm my heart Fill my soul with self-love And a free-spirited vibe To restore what's broken inside Emptiness warm my heart I have been ripped apart Tortured and abused by life That's why I am broken inside Emptiness warm my heart Steal away the trauma in my brain That enabled the smile to fade… Continue reading Emptiness Warm My Heart

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Falling Apart

I woke up with a smile Even though I couldn't breath I managed to get up When my chest was weighing on me The bath tub filled up with tears Because I couldn't hold back the pain The stranger in the mirror reflecting on me Couldn't comfort my grieving soul When the mask trembled down… Continue reading Falling Apart

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June Stress

Dear June,I woke up with my head blocked outAnd my eyes swollen from tearsMy heart worn out from all the painBlood boiling cold numbing my skinEnabling all the emotions backThe questions of 'what if?' But mostly 'why?'Crumble deep inside my bonesWith the fear of the futureLurking in the depth of my spineThe pain of tomorrow… Continue reading June Stress