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Holding On

It's like I was born with a broken heart. Everything I touch shatters into pieces, With every breath I take, I come apart, Almost has if I wasn't meant to live this life, Like I am trapped in the worst matrix, Even hell could be better than this, For the walls keep caving in on… Continue reading Holding On

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Loved In October

When the rain poured, it rained hardSuddenly stuck is what you become For it's hard to hear a soul when thunder strikes loud And you can't feel nobody when darkness curve inIt's easier to feel alone when all hope is lostBut no matter how bad the rain is, it's also goodIt wash away the pain,… Continue reading Loved In October

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Sad September

The morning rose like a dreamWhen sad September bloomed in a darkWith a twinkle of positivity A hope of the most wounded soul He broke my heart, I shed a smileShe distant herself, I loved the loneliness I felt so much pain, I rejoice the hurtI lost myself, and saw my strengthForever I shall be… Continue reading Sad September

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Oh My August

Oh my AugustRise up from the dustClear the dark skiesAnd hear all my criesOh my AugustLook around, I am rustRescue me and shine my lifeSteal away the internal strifeOh my August Who can I trust?When I am in pain and hurtFor the world is immune to my shout or blurtOh my August Unchain me from… Continue reading Oh My August

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Emptiness Warm My Heart

Emptiness warm my heart Fill my soul with self-love And a free-spirited vibe To restore what's broken inside Emptiness warm my heart I have been ripped apart Tortured and abused by life That's why I am broken inside Emptiness warm my heart Steal away the trauma in my brain That enabled the smile to fade… Continue reading Emptiness Warm My Heart


To Love…

To love means to be pure Having the center to be like nature Or having the Courage like water Just having a drive like peace To love means to be selfless Giving without acknowledgement Caring with no expectations Breaking with no concern To love means to be a fool In the eyes of the beloved… Continue reading To Love…

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Golden August

Dear Golden August I come to you with a broken heart No, I mean a broken soul, For I have a lover with a purest heart Yet my depression’s trying to tear us apart I plead to please let me heal Be kind and restore my sorrow Make me whole and refill my happiness For… Continue reading Golden August

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The Colors Of Love

The colours of love Shines deep in your eyes The diamond in the sky Flourish through your heart Red was a promise But it always made me cry So you painted the sky blue For me to let go of my baggage up high. Green was the colour of your spirit Filled with the goodness… Continue reading The Colors Of Love

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Mirror On The Floor

Mirror, mirror on the floor No one's knocking on my door So you held me when I fall Even though I am the saddest of them all For I have been damaged since childhood I am older now but nothings good My world is falling apart Tryna fix it but don't know where to start… Continue reading Mirror On The Floor

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The Influence Of Your Own Eyes

This is life, hope you understand that. And if you do then you’ll understand that perfection doesn’t exist but being different means you're outstanding. It's not easy being different, I know. In a world where people just look at you with a different eye, making you feel like an alien. In a world where people… Continue reading The Influence Of Your Own Eyes