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Holding On

It's like I was born with a broken heart. Everything I touch shatters into pieces, With every breath I take, I come apart, Almost has if I wasn't meant to live this life, Like I am trapped in the worst matrix, Even hell could be better than this, For the walls keep caving in on… Continue reading Holding On

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Will I Break?

Will I break? If I decide to forgive Not just me but everyone Including love for everything he did and will still do Will I break? If I stripped down naked And he sees all he wanted to see Including the flaws and insecurities Will I break? If I let him mend my broken heart… Continue reading Will I Break?


Won’t Miss Tomorrow

I won't miss tomorrow For it is not just far and cruel Yet filled with unknown adventures That a destined to break my heart I won't miss tomorrow For it scarier than the dark And you get to watch the knife, Gets in right through your skin I won't miss tomorrow For it doesn't know… Continue reading Won’t Miss Tomorrow

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How Do I Forgive?

How do you forgive? The smile that brighten your day But now darkening your faith Yet you can't seem to let go How do you forgive? The eyes that showed you peace But now showing you pain Yet you can't seem to let go How do you forgive? The warmth of his touch But now… Continue reading How Do I Forgive?


Words Vs Feelings

I said I am not going to cry With tears in my eyes Flawing hard like someone died It felt like my heart did I said he is not worth it Yet I need him more So how do I let it go It felt like I crashed my soul I said it's okay,It'll pass… Continue reading Words Vs Feelings

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Why Is Love So Forgiving?

•For it is filled with anger But holds no grudge •It hurts so much Yet it's the amazing kinda hurt •It is an emotional ride That is filled with so much warmth •It breaks you apart But filles you up inside •It makes you cry everynight Yet gives you joy everyday •Love is not so… Continue reading Why Is Love So Forgiving?


When The Warmth Fade Away

When the warmth fade away And there is no reason to stay Even when he does good Can't help but let go of the loop For once you truly understand your worth For you've been giving your all For Someone that's capable of letting you fall After showing so much love and passion Yet lies… Continue reading When The Warmth Fade Away


Time To Let Go

It's time to grow up I've been messed up a lot For I refused to let you go Was afraid to be left alone But you've played with my mind While wounding my heart And breaking my trust Now I am scared to love I've watched you walk out Came back and fuck me around… Continue reading Time To Let Go

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Love That Lasts Forever

I admit I'm not over the past Because it hurts every time you text me Just know that I don't blame you For I failed to make you love me It sucks that I'm still angry Because when you say I love you I want to cream I hate you crazy that with all the… Continue reading Love That Lasts Forever

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It Hurts Like Hell

It hurts...When it hurts like hellI tried to overdoseBut no amount of medicine,Can numb the pain insideInstead it makes you feel worse.When it hurts like hellI tried to seek for helpBut no human,Can take away the miseryInstead they break you badly.When it hurts like hellI ran to himBut not even love,Can heal the wounds in… Continue reading It Hurts Like Hell