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Holding On

It's like I was born with a broken heart. Everything I touch shatters into pieces, With every breath I take, I come apart, Almost has if I wasn't meant to live this life, Like I am trapped in the worst matrix, Even hell could be better than this, For the walls keep caving in on… Continue reading Holding On

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Loved In October

When the rain poured, it rained hardSuddenly stuck is what you become For it's hard to hear a soul when thunder strikes loud And you can't feel nobody when darkness curve inIt's easier to feel alone when all hope is lostBut no matter how bad the rain is, it's also goodIt wash away the pain,… Continue reading Loved In October

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Sad September

The morning rose like a dreamWhen sad September bloomed in a darkWith a twinkle of positivity A hope of the most wounded soul He broke my heart, I shed a smileShe distant herself, I loved the loneliness I felt so much pain, I rejoice the hurtI lost myself, and saw my strengthForever I shall be… Continue reading Sad September

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I’m Not Going To Cry…

I'm not going to cry I deserved it, I deserved it The endless pain and misery Who am I to be free? I'm not going to cry I caused it, I caused it The hatred and the loneliness Who am I to be loved? I'm not going to cry I forced it,I forced it To… Continue reading I’m Not Going To Cry…

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Alone In July

Alone in JulyOh,how I wish I could dieWrapped my self in these blanketFor the cold of loneliness has occupied my spaceIt froze my bleeding heartCausing it to hurt my chest,Numb my body becameYet my inside felt so much painLike a million needles inside,Oh, how I wish I could screamBut what's the point when no one… Continue reading Alone In July

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Merge Me, May

I am falling apart With these scars in my heart And my knees on the ground My head smashed on the floor Trying to understand my flaws Yet struggling to subtain my breath Was I really meant to be alive? When death mock me and life hurt me How do I really numb the pain?… Continue reading Merge Me, May


Best Friend

Like a lightning ray clamming from afarI wished for a shooting starA wish that could redeem my heartA soul that could save my lifeAn extra breath that could warm my skinA truest life that consume my lonelinessBut like a star it's out of my reachA distant faith I longed to have But a cursed soul I… Continue reading Best Friend

Mental Health · suicide note

Accepting My Pain

Dear April,I thought I could be the person I was meant to be but life is so hard.And it so cruel. I do not know what I did to deserve all this pain and suffering. Every day when I wake up, I have to drag my self out of bed because I'd rather sleep forever.… Continue reading Accepting My Pain


Darkness Of The Crystal

Crystal darken my vein Blooded became my eyes Dried was the cry of tears That lurks deep in my soul Consuming the passion of my pain Deep within a wounded heart Lies a crystal of the world Yet heaven stolen the peace Of a hell reflected in my mirror Frozen was the flash of warmth… Continue reading Darkness Of The Crystal

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Troubles Never End

I took a leap of faith And dried my tears I looked beyond the pain And consoled my sorrows I forgave my choices And celebrated my mistakes I held my self up And let go of my regrets I moved on from the past And planned my future I learned to love myself And I… Continue reading Troubles Never End