Best Friend

Like a lightning ray clamming from afar
I wished for a shooting star
A wish that could redeem my heart
A soul that could save my life
An extra breath that could warm my skin
A truest life that consume my loneliness
But like a star it’s out of my reach
A distant faith I longed to have 
But a cursed soul I remain alone
With no smile to share the scars
No laughter to endorse the silence
Enchanted a broken love it is
Tears rejoiced my twisted faith
Walls filled my unspoken words
Pain took over my darkest world
Demons became my remedy
A best friend I longed to have
Is a shadow that left my sight.

©Kitty Minaj

Depression · Mental Health · The mask


Twinkling star beneath my feet
Yet my sky is shaded black
Take me high above the moon
Let me cry out like a wolf
Fill my soul just like the night
Let me rest without a scare
Hold me tight, be my demon
Free my mind and let me smile.

©Kitty Minaj

Depression · Mental Health · Quotes


I am lost
The darkness surrounds me
It’s getting so cold
I’m all alone
With no one to hold
My world is so empty
All what’s left is pain
No sunshine to light up my way
Just never ending rain
I drown in tears
My heart is crying
No one seems to notice
My soul is dying.

Depression · suicide note · The mask · Writing

Fear Of Tomorrow

When the moon hits the sky
And the night brought out the stars
With fear, I couldn’t wish
My heart has given up
On life and what it’s about
For tomorrow didn’t seem that far
And fear wet out my face
A fear of just not tomorrow
But of another failure it’ll bring
Another pain, I can not numb
Suicide thought, I can’t rid of
Another wish for another better tomorrow.

love · Writing

Last Day Of The Year

Last day of the year
Where the soil is dry
And the rain is exhausted
Letting the sun shine apon us
For new opportunity
And fresh mind set
Allowing us to move on
And leave the past behind
Forgetting about the bad in 2019
As we drink all night tonight
With nothing but excitement in our hearts
Sharing love with everyone around
Including those who did us wrong.

On this last day,
I’d like to say thank you to everyone
For being strong and hardworking
I am trilled to be alive
And bless to see this last day.
This year wasn’t easy for me
Infact it was the hardest
But with support and love
Pills and true inspirations
I am gratrful to see this day.

Therefore on this day,
I hope you’ll enjoy
And start afresh
May the dead rest in peace
Good Luck for next year
See you there.❤

Good bye 2019

Gucc! · love

5 Year Anniversary

❤In mind I still revisit that day, the rainy day where the streets were filled with water and you generously put a stranger in your arms to help me cross.❤

I’m grateful for all the times we had and memories we made. Happy 5 years anniversary Gucci!

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My Samson

My Samson
Vanilla, yellow cool guy but a bit shy
Great gentleman with a lot of passion and dreams
Don’t smoke, don’t drink much…just love food. #sweets
Good listener with a very soft seductive voice that’s compling.
But stronger than a lion.

My Samson
cool cut, long dreads but very charming.
Always keeps it real; narcissist in a sexy way
Independent, debative and like to do things in his own way.
Always in the mirror cause his muscular with a full pack #abs
But his sweeter than honey

My Samsom
Strong and kind like samson
Handsome, a lady’s man but only loves one woman like samson
Calm, cares alot and has a strong faith like Samson
Hurt with a broken heart but you’ll never notice in that hot great body like samson
Although his short and his IVAN; to me his my Samson.

My Samson
Stronger than a Lion
Because His very tough, territorial and protective.
Sweet as honey
For his Calm, romantic and really smooth
Difference in every way, Sweet Vanilla…

Stronger than lion, Sweet as honey.