Worst Girlfriend

Feel like the worst girlfriend
With all this pain in my heart
Preventing me to feel loved

Feel like the worst girlfriend
With depression in my mind
Preventing me to let go

Feel like the worst girlfriend
With anxiety consuming my breath
Preventing me to live my life

Feel like the worst girlfriend
With all the hurt in my soul
Preventing me to trust the one I love

Feel like the worst girlfriend
With all the abandonment in my life
Preventing me to believe his not here to stay

Feel like the worst girlfriend
With all the insecurities from my past
Provoking me to be territorial

Feel like the worst girlfriend
Maybe because I know his got no love
Playing me is what he seem to be doing

Feel like the worst girlfriend
For I LOVE HIM so much
He makes me happy and sad, it just hurt.

©Kitty Minaj

Golden August

Dear Golden August

I come to you with a broken heart
No, I mean a broken soul,
For I have a lover with a purest heart
Yet my depression’s trying to tear us apart
I plead to please let me heal
Be kind and restore my sorrow
Make me whole and refill my happiness
For in a few days I will be getting older
And my dreams are slowing fading away
So let me fulfill my goals
And honor my passion
I have so much potential
That is as gold as you, August
And now it hurts to give up
For I am a Leo, a lion
Born to lead and with strength
Witness is not in my blood
So let me face my demon with pride
For gold is meant to shine
And I am not meant to break down
Even with these baggage in my chest
I will try and deal with my pain
This is my special golden month
An opportunity to strive
With positivity and hard work
A boss lady to became
For I am golden
Worthy and strong
Just like you August

Truly golden

©Kitty Minaj

Reflective Consciousness

I know sometimes when you look in the mirror
You don’t like what you see;
The Pain weighing on you,
A broken soul struggling to breath,
And your own flesh dying on you
Because I know sometimes
The world can seem so blurry
And the struggles won’t seem to end
And all you can do is break down and scream your lungs out while asking why.
Why is the silence so loud?
Why is the room so empty?
Why is my faith so distant?
Trust me…it’s okay
And I know that it doesn’t feel okay
In fact it feels like it’ll never be okay
But if you let your self cry
Drain everything away
So you can finally see clear
That love is all you need
Therefore you’ll learn to look at the mirror with love
No matter how hard life gets
Or how broken the mirror is
Believe me, a smile will always reflect on you
And life will be worth living
For you’ll learn to honor your pain
And that it’s part of growth
And accept your flaws
While allowing imperfection to take it’s course
And finally find the purpose to love yourself.

Hello August

Hello, Dear August
My first friend that i trust
You’re loyal yet full of dust
The beginning of my new year, right?
Growth and change is a must
For it’s my birthday month
Good or bad, I shall readjust
Even without planning a huge bust
My day will be full of joy and blast
For me and everyone i love and lust
Though i know the moment might not last
I’ll still be grateful with all my heart
Bless my dreams and goal, oh dear August
And blocked the tears that are about to burst
Be gentle with me, please August.
My Dear August

©Kitty Minaj