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Oh My August

Oh my AugustRise up from the dustClear the dark skiesAnd hear all my criesOh my AugustLook around, I am rustRescue me and shine my lifeSteal away the internal strifeOh my August Who can I trust?When I am in pain and hurtFor the world is immune to my shout or blurtOh my August Unchain me from… Continue reading Oh My August


Last Day Of The Year

On this day, I want to make a change. A change that can help me ease the pain. On this day I wanna forgive...well, I wanted to forgive my self but I have been doing that the whole year and it hasn't work at all. I tried to accept who I am and my pain… Continue reading Last Day Of The Year


Words Vs Feelings

I said I am not going to cry With tears in my eyes Flawing hard like someone died It felt like my heart did I said he is not worth it Yet I need him more So how do I let it go It felt like I crashed my soul I said it's okay,It'll pass… Continue reading Words Vs Feelings

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Damn December

I thought you had a heart because you make everyone happy, even though you are very stressful but you are also full of joy, laughter and togetherness. But for me this time you've been different, very unkind and a bit cruel I must state. I am really upset, December, what’s going one? Are we fighting,… Continue reading Damn December




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Prayer To The Demons

I wish I could dieClose my eyes And lose my breathe.I just want to dieFall asleep,And never wake up.Drift away permanentlyFall in and not fall apartI need to dieFor life broke me apartAnd you showed no loveFamily hates me so muchFriends misunderstand mePills consumed my lifeI feel so alone and lostI am losing my sense… Continue reading Prayer To The Demons

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When the night falls upon us And most souls lurks their snore I lay awake in my sleep Tossing and turning every second Like I have bugs in my bed The demons of the night wrestle my soul And my mind drowning in thoughts While my hearts breaking apart Reminiscing about my struggles Till my… Continue reading Insomnia

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Dear November Pain

Sorry if I don't look happy to see you but I am. It's been rough for me these past weeks...years I must say. I gave up on my dreams years ago because I thought maybe I asked for to much therefore all I wanted was to be happy even for just one moment. What is… Continue reading Dear November Pain

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Twinkling star beneath my feet Yet my sky is shaded black Take me high above the moon Let me cry out like a wolf Fill my soul just like the night Let me rest without a scare Hold me tight, be my demon Free my mind and let me smile. ©Kitty Minaj


Time To Let Go

It's time to grow up I've been messed up a lot For I refused to let you go Was afraid to be left alone But you've played with my mind While wounding my heart And breaking my trust Now I am scared to love I've watched you walk out Came back and fuck me around… Continue reading Time To Let Go