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Like little creatures crawling inside youCausing discomfort and endless episodes You want to sit down but you want to get upMakes you feel like you're losing your mindWhy can't you make up your mind?With every thought comes with the painWith the pain, comes all the traumaAnd suddenly,you slowing lose your breathe Like needles been stuck… Continue reading Manic

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Holding On

It's like I was born with a broken heart. Everything I touch shatters into pieces, With every breath I take, I come apart, Almost has if I wasn't meant to live this life, Like I am trapped in the worst matrix, Even hell could be better than this, For the walls keep caving in on… Continue reading Holding On

Depression · suicide note

I’ll Never Be Okay

I walk around with a wounded mind Over-analyzing the smallest task And sacrificing my purest heart To a world of cruelest doom Misunderstood by my own people Broken by the one I love most And hurt by life itself Abandon by my greatest demons Left alone with just pain and scars The devil is no… Continue reading I’ll Never Be Okay

Depression · suicide note

I’m Not Going To Cry…

I'm not going to cry I deserved it, I deserved it The endless pain and misery Who am I to be free? I'm not going to cry I caused it, I caused it The hatred and the loneliness Who am I to be loved? I'm not going to cry I forced it,I forced it To… Continue reading I’m Not Going To Cry…

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Oh My August

Oh my AugustRise up from the dustClear the dark skiesAnd hear all my criesOh my AugustLook around, I am rustRescue me and shine my lifeSteal away the internal strifeOh my August Who can I trust?When I am in pain and hurtFor the world is immune to my shout or blurtOh my August Unchain me from… Continue reading Oh My August

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Writer’s Block Dilemma

I want to write again For my chest is filled with sorrow Burning and blocking my breathe Yet this pen cannot express I want to write again All these emotions are hurting me And the stress I cannot run away from For this pen cannot express I want to write again When these thoughts fill… Continue reading Writer’s Block Dilemma

Depression · Mental Health · suicide note

Merge Me, May

I am falling apart With these scars in my heart And my knees on the ground My head smashed on the floor Trying to understand my flaws Yet struggling to subtain my breath Was I really meant to be alive? When death mock me and life hurt me How do I really numb the pain?… Continue reading Merge Me, May

Mental Health · suicide note

Accepting My Pain

Dear April,I thought I could be the person I was meant to be but life is so hard.And it so cruel. I do not know what I did to deserve all this pain and suffering. Every day when I wake up, I have to drag my self out of bed because I'd rather sleep forever.… Continue reading Accepting My Pain

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April Feel…

April feelMy brain soaking under waterStruggling to not give upBut overwhelmed with circumstances April feelMy back against the wall of needlesStruggling to carry all the baggageAlone, for no body seem to care April feelMy heart silently break apartStruggling to mend it's own faithFor life is too much to bare April feelMy soul is drowningStruggling to… Continue reading April Feel…

Depression · Mental Health · suicide note

Broken Anxiety

I wanted to write my heart out But my watery eyes couldn't see a thing My shakey hands couldn't hold a pen And my breaking heart couldn't express it's self. All I could do, is cry dead to a selfish life As I lay down on the cold hands of the floor Feeling the aching… Continue reading Broken Anxiety