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Heart Of Stone

Heart of StoneBlind from the truthWeak from withinBreaking in silenceStrong in publicFooling with charmYet dying insideHeart of stoneBut cares too muchSelfless is naturalCries in the darkMask, to brighten your dayYet heart never restHeart of stoneSo heavy for my soulRegrets trouble my sorrowsPeace fading like dayMemories haunts my spiritHeart of stoneTraumas never end...©Kitty Minaj

Depression · Mental Health · The mask


Twinkling star beneath my feet Yet my sky is shaded black Take me high above the moon Let me cry out like a wolf Fill my soul just like the night Let me rest without a scare Hold me tight, be my demon Free my mind and let me smile. ©Kitty Minaj

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It Hurts Like Hell

It hurts...When it hurts like hellI tried to overdoseBut no amount of medicine,Can numb the pain insideInstead it makes you feel worse.When it hurts like hellI tried to seek for helpBut no human,Can take away the miseryInstead they break you badly.When it hurts like hellI ran to himBut not even love,Can heal the wounds in… Continue reading It Hurts Like Hell

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Warmth Of My Demon

I lay dead on the floor When darkness filled my skies And pain come like rain Couldn't understand the void inside It trembled in the worst moment Crushing my vains like a venom And slowing hurting my soul Til I felt nothing but cold I screamed out, LORD Till my voice dried out And my… Continue reading Warmth Of My Demon

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How Do I Love Me?

How Do I Love Me?I asked, looking at the reflation of a broken girlHer eyes blood redShe doesn't want to be alive How do I love me?When I can't stop the overflowing tearsThat comes like a heavy rainEven when I am very happy How do I love me?With all this pain in my chestAnd anxiety… Continue reading How Do I Love Me?

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Hush Broken, Baby

Hush broken baby, don't you cry Go to bed and close your eyes I know it's hard but please just try Say something postive even if it's lies Hush broken baby, don't you cry You're feeling outta place and outta mind Sadly, it won't get better that's no lie But you got to keep going… Continue reading Hush Broken, Baby

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Incapable Of Healing

Last week I cut my wristTrying to escape the bitterness of lifeMy wound was really deepFor blood was spilling out like water in pipeBut sadly, the knife couldn't reach my vainI fall asleep and woke up the next dayGuess the wound wasn't deep enoughBut it did hurt like hellAnd with time and with pain pillsThe… Continue reading Incapable Of Healing

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Dear Heart, I Am Tired!

Dear Heart, I'm tiredOf your doleful momentsNever a flash-back of happinessPromising me that my life will always be dole Dear Heart, I'm tiredOf you aching every time he leavesClimbing he'll never come backFor he never loved me Dear Heart, I'm tiredOf the anxiety attacksWhy should I suffer when I breatheAm I not meant to be… Continue reading Dear Heart, I Am Tired!

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April Fool

April, Am I A fool? For waking up with a smile today Claiming to be happy and blessed When it's just a shitty day And inside I feel empty and sad April, Am I A fool? For puting my faith in March To help me with my dreams and goals Did I ask for too… Continue reading April Fool

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Can’t Force Love

For a long time, I’ve struggled with this thing called love to the point that I believed that love was the destroyer of life. I believed that when you're in love that's when you get hurt more. But that all changed when I myself fell in love. I was so depressed at one point and… Continue reading Can’t Force Love