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Ice Scream Pain Scream

Ice Scream Pain Scream My soul cried for ice cream When pain filled my chest Seems like I can't get a rest Ice scream Pain scream My heart bleed for ice cream Where do I go when I'm broken All that is left is words that are unspoken Ice scream Pain scream My life pled… Continue reading Ice Scream Pain Scream

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Insidious I must be seriousFor why dead never come, I am curiousNow attempting suicide is ridiculousFor life for me is hideousIt is full of pain not mysteriousWhen will I be free, I am furiousThey tell me to be more religiousBeing hurting for so long,God you not there it's obviousThe feeling of loneliness is enormousAs I… Continue reading Insidious

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Loved In October

When the rain poured, it rained hardSuddenly stuck is what you become For it's hard to hear a soul when thunder strikes loud And you can't feel nobody when darkness curve inIt's easier to feel alone when all hope is lostBut no matter how bad the rain is, it's also goodIt wash away the pain,… Continue reading Loved In October

Depression · suicide note

I’ll Never Be Okay

I walk around with a wounded mind Over-analyzing the smallest task And sacrificing my purest heart To a world of cruelest doom Misunderstood by my own people Broken by the one I love most And hurt by life itself Abandon by my greatest demons Left alone with just pain and scars The devil is no… Continue reading I’ll Never Be Okay


I Gave You All Of Me

I gave you all of me My endless time of infinity When you promised me forever Yet all you gave was your excuses I gave you all of me My innocence of pure love When you promised no harm Yet all you gave was pain I gave you all of me The warmth of my… Continue reading I Gave You All Of Me

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Sad September

The morning rose like a dreamWhen sad September bloomed in a darkWith a twinkle of positivity A hope of the most wounded soul He broke my heart, I shed a smileShe distant herself, I loved the loneliness I felt so much pain, I rejoice the hurtI lost myself, and saw my strengthForever I shall be… Continue reading Sad September

Depression · suicide note

I’m Not Going To Cry…

I'm not going to cry I deserved it, I deserved it The endless pain and misery Who am I to be free? I'm not going to cry I caused it, I caused it The hatred and the loneliness Who am I to be loved? I'm not going to cry I forced it,I forced it To… Continue reading I’m Not Going To Cry…

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Birthday Dilemma

Dear Birthday I can see the candlesBut I am not ready to age My life's been out of touchA series of disappointments and painA movie of mental health strugglesA battle to live vs to die A jungle of endless sorrows,A birthday is a day for happiness How can I be happy when my world's on… Continue reading Birthday Dilemma

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Oh My August

Oh my AugustRise up from the dustClear the dark skiesAnd hear all my criesOh my AugustLook around, I am rustRescue me and shine my lifeSteal away the internal strifeOh my August Who can I trust?When I am in pain and hurtFor the world is immune to my shout or blurtOh my August Unchain me from… Continue reading Oh My August

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Like a devil torturing my skull With a hammer banging my left side Feeling every pain run through my head Causing the blurriness of my eyes And the tasteless of my tongue Enabled the feeling of vomiting My face felt so numb Yet the discomfort of my tears couldn't be ignored When my heart broke… Continue reading Migraine