Last Night’s Supper For Breakfast

Had a really delicious breakfast meal with my mother today.โค

Have you ever noticed how delicious leftovers are?? No wonder chefs like to cook meat and let it rest the night, they probably know how tasty leftover meals are. I mean the food is just phenomenal.๐Ÿ‘Œ

Mom always cook extra supper so we can eat the leftovers for breakfast. We love eating leftover meal. We not a fan for bread and most of the breakfast meal people eat. And so today’s meal was one of the best breakfast meal I’ve ever had. We had PAP, CHICKEN AND CABBAGE WITH ARCHAAR…




Real Modern but African Food

Must try….๐Ÿ‘Œ


Quick home meal

Noodles With Leftover Steak

Coming from work, school, shopping or anywhere. Very tired you feel and very lazy to cook. No worries! Get yourself a pack of noodles, two minutes to prepare and four minutes if you like them soft. Look for last night’s leftover meat; chicken, steak or even fish. Any meat you have, you don’t have to defrost it cause the hot noodles will warm it.

You can add cheddar cheese for extra flavour. And in 5 minutes you have a nutritious meal.