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Accepting My Pain

Dear April,I thought I could be the person I was meant to be but life is so hard.And it so cruel. I do not know what I did to deserve all this pain and suffering. Every day when I wake up, I have to drag my self out of bed because I'd rather sleep forever.… Continue reading Accepting My Pain

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Will I Break?

Will I break? If I decide to forgive Not just me but everyone Including love for everything he did and will still do Will I break? If I stripped down naked And he sees all he wanted to see Including the flaws and insecurities Will I break? If I let him mend my broken heart… Continue reading Will I Break?

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April Feel…

April feelMy brain soaking under waterStruggling to not give upBut overwhelmed with circumstances April feelMy back against the wall of needlesStruggling to carry all the baggageAlone, for no body seem to care April feelMy heart silently break apartStruggling to mend it's own faithFor life is too much to bare April feelMy soul is drowningStruggling to… Continue reading April Feel…

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Broken Anxiety

I wanted to write my heart out But my watery eyes couldn't see a thing My shakey hands couldn't hold a pen And my breaking heart couldn't express it's self. All I could do, is cry dead to a selfish life As I lay down on the cold hands of the floor Feeling the aching… Continue reading Broken Anxiety


Won’t Miss Tomorrow

I won't miss tomorrow For it is not just far and cruel Yet filled with unknown adventures That a destined to break my heart I won't miss tomorrow For it scarier than the dark And you get to watch the knife, Gets in right through your skin I won't miss tomorrow For it doesn't know… Continue reading Won’t Miss Tomorrow


Journey Of My Heart

Like a memory my heart became It was never the same Born with so much scars in my faith Tears were all I could share in life Love was always hidden in my view Yet it manage to break me apart I grew stronger in time But in time I become weaker My soul couldn't… Continue reading Journey Of My Heart


To Love…

To love means to be pure Having the center to be like nature Or having the Courage like water Just having a drive like peace To love means to be selfless Giving without acknowledgement Caring with no expectations Breaking with no concern To love means to be a fool In the eyes of the beloved… Continue reading To Love…


My Parents

My mom, gave birth to me Held me when I was helpless Nurture me with no expectations Loved me with no questions My dad, supported me Right from birth, he was there Tought me how to walk And loved me even in my worst days My mom, raised me with care Did my hair and… Continue reading My Parents

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Fix Me, February!

My soul has had enough In this world I do not belong Yet I can not seem to escape Have mercy on me, February I can't bare anymore pain How many times do my heart have to break In order to gain my freedom of life Or do I not deserve to live in joy… Continue reading Fix Me, February!

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If The Walls Had A Heart

If the walls had a heart They'll feel my innocence When I grew to be hated Confused and asking why to the room If the walls had a heart They'll feel my anger Of redemption that I never got From the God I prayed for help If the walls had a heart They'll feel my… Continue reading If The Walls Had A Heart