Gucc! · love

The Scent Of Gucc!

I can tell it’s you before you enter the door
Your scent’s so powerful, it fills up the compound
And feels me with so much joy
Your scent I can not resist
For it fills my heart and arouse my mind
Giving me the shivers without a touch
With your smile it just makes it a bonus
Then you held me, I wish I could die
Because even your lust smells so nice
Like fresh roses from up above
Your skin’s like snow in the summer
So gentle and soft drizzling through the bottom of my nostrils
Interacting with the cells in my vains
Your scent in my blood, I can’t describe
For it makes me come alive
Again and again, every time I sniff in the air of love
Never understood how you get to smell that good
For most perfumes never last
Yet your aroma’s strong and only yours
Never met someone with that kind of scent
Now I believe that indeed nobody smells as good as the person you admire.
The scent of Gucc!
Filled with love.

ยฉKitty Minaj

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