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First Night WithOut Gucc!

Dear Diary Today,
I Feel like being naughty
And write naughty things.
But truth is, I am so emotional and hurt.
For i have left the only piece that filled my heart
To see mom but I am falling apart
Without him by my side
It hurts more as I am laying in his bed side
Reminiscing while naked and sad
Sniffing in the scent of us making love
This morning on our couch
I swear I don't wanna ever wash my thingi
For the scent of our sex is power
But not powerful enough to bring you close
And that killed me alive,
I miss you and that's a fact
Hit me up, don't let it mute.
As i rub my vagina with my hand
And cover my nose
Then close my eyes and sniffed it all night
And that made you feel close.
Fuck COVID-19!!

Love Kitty Minaj
By kitty Minaj