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Confusion Of Love

Love is a different thing and by thing, I mean I don’t know what it is. Some days it’s an undeniable feeling, the trumbling steps of your heart accelerating in a loving pulse, the crawling of butterflies in your stomach, the indescribable and undefinable word in life. Yet somedays it’s the most painful feeling one could bare, hurtful thing in the entire world, most dangerous than any thug.

His love cuts deeper than any blade could. His selfishness is depressing and being with him is the most scariest thing than breathing. Yet when I look at him, I see love more pure and innocent than a new born baby. I see care that burns my soul real hard. His touch is so magical and compeling yet very safe. When I’m with him, I am very happy and free.

A boy, I can’t pretend too, yet he seems to accept me the way I am. He seems to like all of my flaws and imperfections. His the most confusing being in the world or maybe I am the one who is confused. Like how his still around when I don’t seem to make him happy? How he still hangs with me when I bore him? But that’s on him.

What’s more confusing or seem like a probelm is me. The feeling I can’t seem to get rid of, the love I can’t control and the pain I can’t seem to let go. So as I look at him on our way home from our date today, couldn’t help but wonder; how can someone so crawl be so perfect? why is it hard to deny the strange yet amazing feeling I have for him? why do I stay when I want to leave? how could I love him more when he seem to hurt me? REAL QUESTION, HOW IS IT THAT I LOVE HIM MORE EVERYDAY.

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