Boofie · Gucc! · love

Letting You Go

For years i couldn’t understand
When they say love is blind
Til i woke up in a blood red river
With so much wounds in my heart
Looking at you holding a knife with my blood
I patch my heart up to hide the bruise
Cause when you touch me,
My heart beats like it’s not broken
Couldn’t let go, had to hold on
Though the touch of your skin hurt me
The gaze of your eyes made me feel worthless
For i saw your love for another
And the instability of your lies
Bought nothing but shame in my life
My strength was gone from loving you
And still i kept holding on
Till i woke up in so much pain
Seeing you stabbing the dagger in my heart
Like i was just a toy or a numb being
You ripped off my soul
And took my innocence
Left me naked in the cold
Had to pick my self up
Numb the pain and face reality
They say you never know until you let it go
Now i know, that holding on hurts more
So I let you
Setting you free
Forgiving your spirit
Now i am Free.

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