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Love Is Blurry

They say love is pure
But what’s the purity of not being with the one you love?
Love gives us a taste of something then takes it away
A blurry version
Something that is not there.
We fall in love then fall apart at the end
Why do we hurt each other and call it love?
The wise said love is pure
Therefore if it left it was never meant to be
So the question is; doesn’t everything that happens, happens for a reason?
If i meet you today not yesterday,
Ain’t that meant to be?
If i fall without my intentions,
Ain’t that meant to be?
If not…
Then what exactly is meant to be?
Or maybe love ain’t meant to be pure
For it’s never perfect
It hurts even when it’s not broken
It loves most when it wounds
It makes everyone cry once in a while
It doesn’t grow on it’s own
Because love is a two way street
Love is blurry nor pure
You feel but never sure
You see but with doubt
And always wonder what’s going on…

2 thoughts on “Love Is Blurry

  1. I love this but remember love is an equal possession of your thoughts. If you have negative thoughts of the person it will be cruel. Love is patient and ready when its time not when we are just lonely!!

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