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Do Flowers cry

It was a hot summer’s day
When he told me he couldn’t stay
In the middle of a floral garden
I held his hand and cried, ‘Jaden!’
He left me like a dead tree
I knew i wasn’t free
From sleepless nights
And broken hearts
Broke down and stepped on a flower
Cried my eyes out for like an hour
Thinking how will I survive without the love of my life
Our future plans and me not being his wife
Thinking about death, I noticed the dead rose
And asked my Self, why are we afraid to lose?
The most unprecious thing in the world
Got on my knees and called out to the Lord
Patel after Patel as the rose dies
But i couldn’t hear it’s cries
So i ask, do flowers cry?
When there is no rain in the sky
When the sun burns their beautiful patels
Do they complain about their struggles
When the skies are clear
And no one to care
Do they get depressed
Or maybe just a little stressed
Did this rose cry?
As i traded my pain
To kill a flower with no gain…

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