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Forgive And Let Go

Forgiveness is not easy. It’s like taking that first sip of alcohol. It’s bitter but in order to ease the pain, you know you must do it.

It’s hard to forgive and that’s why most of us only forgive because of love. For love allows us to see things on a softer side. To understand their motives in hurting us.

Therefore we would never forgive in an angriest mind. For what it does is build up emotions of angar and neglaction. Finding yourself saying you forgave but seek revenge.

Sometimes we don’t forgive in a purest heart but with a broken heart. Hoping for redemption for our empty soul. Blaming our selves for every deed.

It’s not easy to forgive the monster that broke you. But eventually in time we need to forgive, so we can let go It doesn’t mean we love again the nasty person who hurt us. It just means we ready to heal.

Forgiveness just means we stop allowing that nasty person to have any effect on our life. And we free our broken heart from all the trauma and feeling vulnerable.

By forgiving, we allow the beauty that is all around in our life again. And allowing better love to shine upon us.

Forgive and let go.

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