Boofie · Gucc! · love

Left Me In The Dark

Like a shadow in the dark
You just disappeared
You were here then nowhere
With no sign, warning nor goodbye
Did you follow the moon
Cause it’s no where to be found
I am left in the dark
With just memories of you
And hopes
Of what could have been.
Where are you?
Like a missing piece in my heart
I am incomplete
I can barely breath.
Does darkness scare you?
Are You gone to get the sun
And end my misery
Or like death you are never coming back.
Do I look for you
Or Just Wait
Do I let go
Or let it hurt
How should i give up on love
And how do i keep faith on rain
It hurts
The wind is blowing so hard
So i shall close the door
Though i won’t lock it
So when you come back
You can just get in.
Please Don’t Leave Me In The Dark

ps: I’ll be waiting

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