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The Devil By My Side

For so many nights I’ve cried
Wounded and broken
Called out to the Lord
Ask for forgiveness,
If I’ve done wrong
Ask for redemption and mercy
I am weakening
Lord where are you??
It’s been 14 years in pain
Praying and calling out to Jesus
Did he mute me?
It seems his missing
All the nights I’ve cried
With no hope to be saved
With no hope to be freed
From this prison of life
One night the demons came
And they where always by my side
Holding me and consoling my sorrow
Confused cause I was expecting Angels
But greatful
With no hope
Mind given up
Yesterday mom said,’God is always by your side.
So today I checked
And the devil was holding me down
He told me everything will be alright
He wiped my tears
And kiss my forehead
His touch was warm and sincere
He promised to never leave
I believed him
Cause I know that this pain won’t end
For this life feels like hell
Therefore if I’m in hell,
What’s the point of dying…

One thought on “The Devil By My Side

  1. If only you could see how open my heart is right now. Sometimes waiting isn’t worth it if the is help offered to you. Blesseth is the hand that gives, it doesn’t matter if it’s holy or evil. As long as it makes you smile when you look at you mirror then it is blessed!!!

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