Depression · The mask · Writing


I admit
It took all of me to not break down
To hide the pain and smile,
In the presence of my own family
Feeling like an outcast
Unloved and so misunderstood
I couldn’t hold back the tears
So I ran to my room
Lock the door
And screamed on my pillow
Loss of breath occured
Ranning to the door to escape the attack of my anxienty
But as I held the knob, it faded
Ran to the Window and it faded too
My shade shifted and darkness curved in
My bed faded and I hit the floor
And I watch everything fade like ashes
And my body decayed slowing
With nothing left
Everything I know and loved, faded
My creation and knowledge, faded
My demons faded
And I, myself faded
But the pain was still there
Hurting and bruising
Even when there is nothing left of me
I’m Faded.

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