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Lost Love

I glanced through the depth crystal blue ocean
Reminiscing about the distant lately,
And the misunderstanding we always had,
The tears I’ve shed everynight
And the heart you broke constantly without care
Then I realised, the ocean is not blue
The ocean just seem blue
But feels colourless though it’s greyish green.

I’ve always wondered why i stack around
Why do i still call my self your girl
why i stick with you even when you show no love
Why do i yern for your soul
Why i care so much for your heart
Why i crave for your; ‘I love you!’
When all you do is confuse me.

Like the ocean, things ain’t always what they seem.
Guess that’s why they say it’s not love if doesn’t hurt
So i close my eyes and reminsce about the facts;
The love in your eyes when you look at me
The warmth of your arms when you hold me
The lust in your veins when you touch me
And the moments we make when we’re together.

See, I always get confused when i think about us.
Confused why you can’t let me go
Why i choke everytime i wanna let you know
‘That maybe we better of separate’
But we can’t let go, is it fate?
Are we meant to be or just in denial?
To the point we can’t accept each other flaws
It’s been years for us to be this lost…

It all started with good intentions
And the purest passion
But we fail or maybe forgot to show love
Maybe not everything needs to be witness,
For the naked eye can be deceitful
And so we need to trust in what we feel
For love is not an object but an emotion
And your love i can not see yet i feel, everytime.


I’ll dream of the day you’d show me love
The day i’d be your one and only
The day i’d make your heart skip a beat
The day you’ll cherish me with no shame
And the day you’d truly love me without limits
So for that day I shall wait
Even thought it might not come.

For now, i shall witness me fade from your mind
And embrace the silence of the distant
As i watch my name disappear from the tattoo
Until the only thing left will be my blood in your system
And the shade of the girl infront of you
Trying to show the memory of love
As you hear the sound of the heart that only beats for you

Even in hundred and thousand miles away
You Shall Hear The Heart Beat
Til It Dies
For I Truly Love You.


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