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God Sent Me A Devil

Been calling his phone up
Since i saw him kissing some girl.
I know he doesn’t love me,
But his everything to me
No one can make me feel the way he makes me feel
His a blessing and a curse
God sent me a devil,
Down from the ground
To hurt me so much.
This can’t be love but war
Might as well call it hell,
Because everyday I’m broken,
on my knees with blood tears
Begging him to show me some love
Has he stab my heart with polygamy
Knowing i can’t let go
I’m chained up in his lust
Feeling like it’s the closest to love
Even when he play me like a ball
I still come back like a dog
For my loyality lays with him
And he owns my soul
For his the devil,
Happiness is not ideal in his kingdom
And if this isn’t hell,
Tell me what it is…
Cause I’ve never felt this much pain
Feels like my heart is on fire
I could run away but he got me in his chains
And all i can do is pray,
To the lord to save
And hope,
That even the devil can change.

God Sent Me A Devil.

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