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Woke Up Next To Love

Today it’s not an ordinary day
It’s different
Even though it’s one of those crawl mornings
Where the cold wind blows under the sheets
Giving shivers and chills
I shrinked to his touch
Placing his hands around me
As he kiss the back of my head
I could feel his hot body,
Making mine warm
Feeling his heart beat on my back
And his breath steaming my neck
Suddenly I wasn’t cold no more
I smiled to the moment
Feeling loved
As he said, I got you babe.
Real love can keep you warm in the coldest days
The feeling was so good
And worth treasuring
Unable to believe it’s real
I opened my eyes and turn to his side
And love was really right there.
kissing my forehead with a smile
As a tear rolled down my eyes
For i woke up next to love
For the first time in my life.
I hope it’s not the last.

ยฉKitty Minaj

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