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Dealing With Emotions

I’m tryna deal with my emotions
I’m tryna breath with depression
And I’m tryna control my anxiety
At the same time I have responsibilities to take care of
Trying to be there for everyone but me
Making them happy seems to make me sad
Love makes me weak
For he makes me cry
To the point that i wanna lay down & die
But all i can do is close my eyes
Write out my pains
Hoping someone can relate
For i feel like an outcast
And nothing seems to go my way
Success is out of my reach
No matter how hard i try
Can’t seem to claim the mountain high
My step forward feels like 10 feet backward
But i can’t seem to give up
Because it’s either i die or work hard
Even though failure is my fate
I know I am brave
Broken is my heart
But it’s stronger than my mind
I shall breath through my knowledge
And live for my dignity
For i was born to be alive
So watch me challenge this life…

As a broken soul.

©Kitty Minaj

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