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Feel Me Not

Feel Me Not
As I search for your eyes to lock with mine
Internally gazing through your eyes
But you couldn’t read what’s on my mind.

Feel Me Not
As I moved my head to my left shoulder
Slowly opening my eyes with an flirtatious grin
But all you did was smile.

Feel Me Not
I narrowed my eyes still locked with yours
Rhythmically licking my lips
But all you said was ‘mmmh’

Feel Me Not
Getting close enough for you to feel my warmth
With a gasp, I bite my lip
But you couldn’t give me a kiss.

Feel Me Not
I am out of ideas
Awkward silence strikes as I tried to think
But all you did was move away.

Feel Me Not
You must feel me today
For I am your girl
But you acting like a gay.

Feel Me Not
I cried I’m tired
So you can take me to the room
But you just went straight to bed.

Feel Me Not
I took off my clothes
And helped you remove yours
But then you placed your face down and closed your eyes.

Feel Me Not
I lament in my sleep with my body out to see
You touch me nervously, I gave you a kiss
But kissing was all you did.

Feel Me Not
As I climb on top
You pressed my body against yours
But all you did was grab my ass.

Feel Me Not
You continuously kept grabbing and kissing
Or wait now, you’re slowing moving down my neck
But it’s been an hour still kissing with no action.

Feel Me Not
I am so bored right now
Rolling my eyes, seriously out of the mood
But you couldn’t tell i was turned off.

Feel Me Not
Please stop
You claimed you’re tired
But, well so all you did all night was sleep on me

Feel Me Not
You don’t feel me at all.
ยฉKitty Minaj

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