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Boofied Up, It Hurts

When the mist surrounded us
And blinded my eyes,
I only felt you with my heart.
The distance was loud
But the passion was pure
Or maybe i just wanted it to be.
You are my joy
The only soul that keeps me alive
Reminds me of my dad.
You told me about the flame,
I couldn’t see through the smoke.
You pushed me to the edge,
I burnt with no hate
Felt like the fire was the one in my heart
You kept tossing and turning me
Like a chicken in a stove.
And with every hurt,
You cried not to go
Because you love me so.
See, i can take your lies
But your insults, come on.
For i know my worth
Was hoping you’ll respect that…
Thought you were different
But you’re all the same
Thought this was real
But it was all a game.
I gave you my heart
And you gave it away.
With all this pain,
Still can’t seem to let go.
Because My heart yerns only for you.

©Kitty Minaj

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