Don’t Trash Your Old Jean

Have you ever woke up in a really good mood. So happy and cheerful, feeling that the day will be better. But all of a sudden everything turns out bad. Completely wrong.

Sometimes we don’t choose to be sad. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, no matter if you’re wearing that happy mask right.

I woke up early today. Really happy to take on the day. Ready to slay and kill the exam. My nails were on point. My outfit was the boom, all eyes on me when I walk on the street. I thought today was going to be better for I was walking in my new shoes that I bought for my self.

I don’t mean to say I’m cursed but I felt like there was a witch looking at me in the mirror and throwing her spells on me. I was wearing my best and the only jean I loved so much.

When I got off the taxi, the seat caught my jean and I slip off out of the taxi and my butt hit the pavement. My jean was torn completing and my butt was cut really bad. Blood dripping out, creating a stain to the jean. I got up and was still ready to go to school and everyone told me to go back home. The taxi driver took me home.

When I got home. Mom was waiting on the street with another black old jean she bagged me to throw away last year. I changed on the street. But I was cut badly mom had to take me home and cover the wounds and stop the bleeding. But that made me feel a lot of pain. Had no choice but to ran to school….

As I got out of the house. The dog jumped in front of me and I fall over it. My knee hit the ground so hard but luckily my old jeans were strong and didn’t get ruined. As much as I was feeling pain. I got up and ran like a crippled person.

The taxi was empty. It’s 8 o’clock and I’m writing at 8:30. My school is an hour and a half away. Excluding traffic. But I sat there in tears, feeling all the pain in my butt, knee and my heart.

-My outfit was ruined. But thanks to the jean it still kinda looked the same.
-My nails where now messed up. You can’t trust nail polish in hard situation, was trying to balance myself when I fell.
-My new shoes had stains in them. I slip pretty bad. Plus they are heels.
-My hair, was really messed up. Can say I woke up like this.
-My confidence was really drained. Felt like hiding.
-My mood dropped to -0. Just cried in a taxi like a baby.
-I was late. For an important exam of my life. Will they let me write I don’t know.
Results: I was a totally hot mess.

I cried so hard in the taxi. The man next to me ask what’s wrong and all I could do is cry even more. I needed someone to talk too. Someone who can make me feel better. I don’t have friends nor boyfriend. I don’t wanna stress my daddy, he has blood pressure.

Writing makes me feel better. And since I wanted to tell someone. Hope y’all don’t mind me blogging about my bad day. And as I write this, I’m still in tears. I can’t stop the flow, for my heart is aching so badly.

Moral of this writing: Never trash your old Jean because you might need it someday on your bad day. All I’m trying to say, don’t take anything for granted because anything can happen to anybody and everybody in your most unexpected and happiest days.

We might not need it now or think we won’t need it at all but remember everything as it’s own purpose. And tomorrow you might wake up needing it.

Some goes with human. Don’t treat people like trash because someday you might need them. Everyone and everything in life has value. REMEMBER THAT.


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