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Once Upon In Love

In the most radiant garden
Where two beautiful beings dwelt
A happy and fulfilled life
Where all we had was each other.

The days were always still
In peace the nature blossom
And the sun never sets
For forever was all we had.

Together every single day
Never dull one another
For our hearts were pure
And your love was the realiest

You searched for my shade
To hold and look in my eyes
To comfort my soul
And serve me your smile

In the clearest days of all
Where the flowers were delighted
And the sea was blue
As clouds dance to the silent sky

You held my hand so gentle
Pulled me close to feel your heart
Staring at my beauty
You cried, ‘I LOVE YOU SO.

Persistently gazing at me till our eyes locked
You searched for my soul
I felt your sorrow
Healing all my pain

Snuggling to feel every emotion
The hate that broke our hearts
The love that kept us alive
And the chemistry of our lust

Undefined Moment
Felt the warmth of your skin
The coldness of your nose touching mine
Love never felt so alife

As I close my eyes
To learn in
and kiss you
I hit the wall…I opened my eyes,
And the ground was shaking
The walls were cracking
My heart was breaking.

Alone in the dark
I called out your name,
My love was no where to be found

In tears I sat still
With the hope that…
The love that onces lived
Will somehow find it’s way.

But for now…
Love lived sadly ever after.’

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