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Dream Of Love

I woke up to a different morning. The birds were no where to be found; the sky was dark and cloudy. I stretched my eyes a couple of times and smiled with my hands searching for something to hold…then I realized he wasn’t by my side.

I called his phone a couple of times and he didn’t pick up. Went to bed and as I closed my eyes I remembered all the bad things we said to each other. Well I remembered that I’m the one who said all the bad things to him. I wish I could reverse the clock.

The day went by so slow without him by my side. Each second felt like an hour of regret and pain. Tears flew down my face like a waterfall and my heart ache crying for it’s true love. For I can’t live without him….Have I lost the fruit of my happiness??

The sky was clear when the night fall. My tears had dried when my lover called me outside. To the sunset he kneeled down, asking for forgiveness and love back. He held my left hand and nervously took out a ring. He looked at me with love and the world blossom when I trembled to say yess….
©Kitty Minaj

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