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Dear Liam

Dear Liam
It’s mama
I’m sorry
I couldn’t stay much longer
The world is full of truama
And your mama wasn’t stronger

Dear Liam
It’s mama
You’re a blessing
For you existed before birth
Gave me strength at my worst
And unconditionally love me

Dear Liam
It’s mama
Be happy
For I love you very much
And your daddy’s very proud
We praise you like a God

Dear Liam
It’s mama
I’ll always be your mama
But daddy needs another
To help him forget about mama

Dear Liam
It’s mama
I promise
To love you in my dead
Protect your unborn shade
And keep you with my spirit

Dear Liam
It’s mama
Don’t worry
Just run to your daddy
He found you another mama
Whose going to give you life

Dear Liam
It’s mama
I love you
Forever and always

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