Sometimes · Writing

I Voted

The wind blew so cold
Waking me up around 3am
I wasn’t really sleeping.
The excitement was to much to bare
I got up and bathed around 5
took me an hour to decide what to wear
was so excited that i woke mom up
told her we had to go around 7
in order to be the first to vote.

the cold wind blew so cruel
looking good wasn’t ideal
but the excitement increased
with nerves
couldn’t wait much longer to vote.

the line was longer than expected
the Sun was sneaky
but couldn’t prevent me from voting
my outfit was on point
which made me take pictures all the time

8 am. almost in front
hands shaking
I’m about to change the world
One vote can make a difference
the country is depended on my vote
For economic and development changes.
to better South Africa.

I made my way to the voting booth
everyone told me to relax
I tried.
I made my vote and head to the boxes.
took a bunch of pictures
and everyone clap their hands
seeing that it was my first.


it felt so good
i felt important
i am official a part of this country
i am the decision maker of our economy
I voted

I voted

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