Depression · love · Poetry · suicide note · TeeBae

If I Should Die

If I Should Die
And you should live
To witness our future
And what could’ve been

If I Should Die
Remember to always smile
For another love shall be found
To heal what’s broken

If I Should Die
Remember not to forget
The love we shared
And the heart you broke

If I Should Die
The songs you made
And the peom I wrote
Shall be embraced forever

If I Should Die
Learn to forgive
The cruelty of life
And the selfishness of my deeds

If I Should Die
You shall live forever
In the mist of our live
And the blood of our unborn child

If I Should Die
Please don’t cry
Call it a distance relationship
For I’ll always love you in death

If I Should Die
Cherish the times we had
And the memories we made
For they will bring you happiness

If I Should Die
Never forget my love
The feelings you had
Everytime we touched

If I Should Die
I’m sorry about everything
Confusing you with my emotions
And belittling you with the past

If I Should Die
Know that I’m thankful
For the times you never gave up
And the loves I’ve always pushed away

If I Should Die
Sorry about the tattoo
Cause now you’ll have to get a pet
That you’ll have to name after me.

If I Should Die
I shall live in you
Protect you from the dark
And make you read everyday.

If I Should Die
Never Stop Loving Me
Til infinity
I shall also love you.

I love you…If I Should Die.

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