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Played You But Stay

Just sent Boofie a message
Said I couldn’t do this no more
I’d rather be alone
He doesn’t fully understand
That I’d rather leave than be played

His begging for a second chance
Saying he could be the man I need
There’s a lot of lust inside of him
Cause we’ve been together since our teenage years
He really hurt me so bad
I need some time to be alone

Cause when you love someone
You just don’t treat them bad
Everything just makes me feel so sad
Now that I wanna leave
His crying his heart to me
How could you let this be after all these years,
Now that I’m fully committed
You just want to leave.”

Never did I imagine
That you’d play me like that
Now I’m stack in deciding
Do I leave, do I stay, do I go
All I know, I need to put myself first
and what matters to me the most

Your love for me wasn’t real
You wound my heart, I just need time to heal
I’m not saying I’m going
But i have defined what life is like without you
It’ll hurt more but I’ll survive

Cause if you really loved me
You wouldn’t have treated me bad
Making me feel so sad
To the point that I want to leave
Being crying out to you from the start
How could you cheat on me
make me feel this worthless
Then beg me to stay.”

Saying,”I didn’t mean to hurt you Sugar!”
Claiming you were still young
Not knowing what you were doing
Fact is you had common sense
And love has no age restrictions.

PS:You Don’t Play The One You Love

Inspired by Where I wanna be song

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