Depression · Sometimes · suicide note · The mask

Dying Smile

Today I Woke Up
Feeling crazy
Mama said be grateful
For some people wish
But couldn’t see this day
I asked with tears,
‘How can i be grateful?,
For all i seek is death?’
Mama looked at me with tears in her soul
Life itself is a blessing
You are here like a season
For a reason
To heal, to kill, to lose or produce
The seed of life
Life needs you
It needs you to be strong
To let go of all the pain
That made you angry
Cause all the obstacles
Were a test of life
An exam of freedom
Cause to have the sweet
You much test the bitter
And to be happy
You must know sadness
Success is a mask
Which riches use to hide the pain.
Life is a journey
So take this marks
And hide your sadness
Allow yourself to be free
Let go and forgive life.
Wear the fake smile with pride
And don’t let them see your soul
And don’t let the enemies
See through your dying smile
Fake it til you make it.
No body knows what tomorrow brings
And tomorrow is always a surprise
Maybe you might wake up
And realise your dying smile is gone.
So smile
With tears
With pain
With sadness
With hate
And with love
For your dying smile
Is worth a million
And it can brighten someone’s day.
Or change the world.

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