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Love Drug

Sink your teeth into my skin
With your tongue you wipe my sweat
As your kisses make me weak
Bite my lip and make me numb

Your touch always make me wet
Hit my g-spot like a saint
Slowly morn with a rhyme
Screamed your name, my fevourite hyme

In these sheets we breath to sin
Exposing the parts that can’t be seen
Sharing the oxygen under the sheets
Leting the bed be our playground

You’re my drug, i love to binge
I swear can’t get enough of you
You make my heart beat with so much passion
Like an addition, i love the feeling.

Run your poison through my veins
Let your venom arouse my pain
Your love is my fevourite diesease
In my system, it’ll forever live

I get higher when your name,
Breaks out of your mouth these chains
Cause you’re my drug
without you i can not cope.

Run away with all pain
You’re my healer, my escape
keep me safe and give me joy
You’re smile makes me whole

Love cuts deep my fevourite knife
Your touch brings me back to life
For i am not me without you
I’ll be like a singer with no song

Your heart beat makes mine beat twice
Your lust is my fevourite vice
Touch me now and never let go
Your love drug is all i need.


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