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Not Special Enough

Remembering the words you said yesterday
Our argument of who loves whom most
I swear today i can say it was all just a dream
Unreal to ever come true.

Still, I woke up with a smile this morning
So sure you’d repeat yesterday’s words
For today is a special day of love
And i believe so much in your love

Clock hits past 12 and I’m feeling down
Witnessing everyguy post their girlfriends
Still no call or text from you
Your existance seem to have fade

6 o’clock past like a school day
And i knew the day was over
Reminded myself that it’s better late than never
As i pray that you remember

Past 11pm, can’t help but drown myself in tears
Seeing all the girls post their gifts
For i can’t even post your text
Made me feel lonely and unloved

It’s 11:30pm now, wish i can call you
But you probably with your special girl
So i wrote a romantic text then deleted it
Cause i felt it would ruin your day

I went to the mirror and observed myself
Tears flowed like a waterfall
kept asking,’What’s wrong with me?’
Couldn’t understand why ain’t i special to you

So i lay down and cried on the floor
For i didn’t need much but love
Didn’t need no gift or fancy long text
All i needed was ‘I LOVE YOU’ on a Valentine’s Day

I understand I’m not special enough to be cherished.๐Ÿ˜”

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