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Without Gucc!

The wind blew strongly
Breaking branches and blowing all leaves away
But it couldn’t dry my tears
For WITHOUT GUCCI, crying is my escape.

The storm came so sudden
Rained all day and draining the land
But it couldn’t hide my pain
For without Gucci, I’m a sad soul.

The thunder stroked with anger
So loud as the lightening lights up the skies
But it couldn’t unbreak my heart
For without Gucci, im a broken piece.

The sun shined so bright
Providing hopes and new beginnings
But it couldn’t restore my happiness
For without Gucci, I’m unable to smile.

The Moon visited in my lonelist night
So bright and full reminding me of us
Couldn’t break you back or make me forget
But it understood that without Gucci, I have nothing.

The forever you promised is now just a myth
So perfect, for better for worse you vow to never leave
But It couldn’t keep us together
And without Gucci, my tomorrow can never be better.

Without Gucci, I’m nothing.

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