Poetry · Writing

Missing High School

I miss the SUNDAY nights.
where reality kicks in
and forgotten homework pops up
resulting to late night sleep.

I miss the MONDAY morning
the insanity of the clock
and mom dragging me out of bed
the only day i hated going to school.

I miss TUESDAY lunch time
walking around the school yard
Listening to gossip and witnessing fights
while checking my crush out.

I miss WEDNESDAY afternoon
always a sports day
catching up with my friends
mostly talking about boys

I miss the THURSDAY evening
witnessing my moms care when i had a headache
trying to manage the homework pressure
and always had time to read novels.

I miss the FRIDAY vibe
excitement of no school the next day
careless when a teacher gives us homework
counting every minute to rush home.

I miss the boring SATURDAY
always waking up at 4am for no reason
lazily watching endless episodes
and 2pm turns to 9pm in a second.๐Ÿ˜ข

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