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Perfect Match

We keep behind close doors
With the distance making things worst
Chemistry fades like thoughts
Depending on love to keep us together

Never letting it show
Hiding the truth from the world
Blaming each other for never letting it go
Forever holding on as we promised the future

Claimed to see the future
And that it doesn’t exist without each other
We both lied.
So we wrote it down as a goal.

Feels like we known us all our lives
Seeing each other after a long time feels normal
No need to fake it
Cause the feeling is really real.

Physics took its course when we’re together
Letting chemistry bulid up with your touch
Ending up being one when maths adds us
And science couldn’t explain our perfect match

Your love is real
And my love is broken but pure
We held each other from the dark til light
We held each other from hands to heart

For we were born to be together
Even though forever isn’t promised
But infinity is what we rely on
Cause faith is LOVE

I love you from the start
You loved me like your mom
With intention of making me happy
Keeping me safe at all times

We looked each other in the eyes
You blowed i love you in my heart
Giving me life and showing me love
So who am i but You.

My perfect match
Being one from birth.
So hold my hand
And please never let it go.

I love you babe.

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