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Holding On To My Virginity

The night was silent
The Moon was calm
Alone in the room, with a smoothed sound.
As I lay in your chest with my head touching your chin,
I felt your cold lips touching my forehead
Kissing it continuously as you rhythmically slide down my face to my lips.

You kisses me til you felt hot,
And when I open my eyes,
We were in our birth suit.
Your cock was hard,
And you claim my pussy was wet.
I looked at you in fear
And you kissed me gently
As you place your hand and start rubbing my vagina
I gasp in pain as you dip your finger in.

I held your hand and told you to stop.
Then you said,”I love you. I’ll never hurt you.”
I touched your hand as you tried to kiss me.
“I promise I’ll be gentle.”
Your words made me weak,
They compelled qme to open my legs.
You kissed me while laying me down
But as I hear the sound of the condom wrapper,
and the sound the condom made when you put it on.
My heart started beating fast,
And I felt your lies begging me not to believe you.

Suddenly when I stop you again,
You got up and left.
You said,”if I ain’t getting it, you ain’t getting me.”
No body indeed got none.

Once upon a time,
It happened to many times
With too many different guys.
That couldn’t love me,
Who always just lust me.
Cause all they wanna do is fuck Lydia.

Today here we are.
Me and you,
A different guy with the same agenda
I thought you were the one,
well the last one.
But now you say it’s over
But when I open my legs,
You say we cool.
We not cool.
See all I wanted from you was love,
And let sex be pleasure.
But all you want is to fuck.

My heart coils as i closed my eyes
Remembering your touch,
And how your cold lips made mine hot.
As I image your eyes that made me shrink,
Brought nothing but tears and confusion.
Cause all I wanted was someone to be there at all times.
But sex is not how I wanna keep you.
So I kneeled down,
And cried.

For all I wanted was someone to hold on to. Today I’ve learned that the only thing I can hold on to is my VIRGINITY.


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