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You are Special

We are all the same
Inside and out
We are different and it’s not a shame
Cause you are special, go ahead and shout

You’re are special
I am special, that’s right
There’s no body that can do it like me, anusual
Thought i still work hard day and night.

I am human, minority
I make alot of mitakes till i grow
But my age doesn’t define my maturity
And the more i learn is the more i glow.

Beautiful inside and out
You love with the purest heart
That was hurt a couple of times
But healed in time

You are so unique
That’s why sometimes misunderstood
For you walk with your head up and shoulders back
Smile on your face even when you’re hurt

You’re special
Cause you are strong
Talented and always yourself with alot of potential
Irreplaceable, prolong

You Are Special Cause You’re Always Yourself.

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