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Mr Right

Maybe Mr Right is not suppose to be all right. He is allowed to have mistakes, after all nobody is perfect and making mistakes means you are human.

Just because he doesn’t check off all your requirements doesn’t mean he ain’t Mr Right. As long as his all the man you need and makes you feel like the only girl in the world when he looks at you like you’re gold. GIRL, HIS THE ONE.

Mr Right ain’t always right. He doesn’t have to look like Chris Brown but as long as he feels like him and more. Gives you the best feeling of love and lust. Makes you happy to the point where you forget about his Ugly face but pure heart.

Physical attraction is for fools. And you will never find Mr Right when you search for physical beauty. A men is beautiful inside not outside. You need to dig deeper than the physical image.

At the end of the day, Mr Right is that guy who makes you happy. Always making you smile and mad at the shame time. His that man that loves you as much as you love him to the point that he allows you to change him.

Well how do you know his the one?: When you get him so mad to the point where he says things he don’t mean. And suddenly the nights gets dark, so dark that everyone disappear but him. If he holds you in anger all through the night, making sure you’re safe and happy.

Mr Right is your best friend. So never take him for granted. And when you find him, take good care of your treasure.

….Always remember Mr Right ain’t always right…

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