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Wish I Never Woke Up

When the morning light flashes as I open my eyes and breath. I wished i never woke up, for it is a new day but nothing new will come my way only pain and misery.

I lay awake in bed trying to escape reality. Thinking of my dead sister, ‘i bet she’s happy where ever she is.’ Although right I only wish we could switch sides. She had a lot of friends and people loved her. She also had a boyfriend that adored her and I have nothing.

I have nothing but hopes of being dead. Death will be an achievement in my life where my graveyard will be a great place for my dry dreams and cruel goals. And for once I know I’ll be happy.

Happy that i don’t have to put on a marks everyday, the mask is to heavy sometimes. And pretending is just draining my soul. I wish I could put my abundance aside, I’m tired.

But no matter how tired I am…I still open my eyes, get out of bed and face reality with a mask of pain and fake smile cause I understand birth. Even thought i don’t understand my purpose in life. I shall breath the air that my mom expose me too.

Death will come for me someday. So today I’ll just live. Hope you understand, that I’m already dead inside and no sunlight can bring me to life. Not even love can make me happy now.

Each morning when I open my eyes and breath, I only wish I never woke up.

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