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Staring from a far he looks like a man with no soul but a materialistic heart.
Because his all about clothes and labels. Putting his looks way upfront.
For the first time in her life, she have never seen a guy with a soul.
Alťhough most times it’s like he loves with his mind.
His much more than just his clothes and brands.
because he would rather stay up all night trying to customize his friend’s jean for free.
His always there and cares for his friends.
i mean he cares for her more than she thought.
it took her a while to even notice his care.
all the good he did and all there times he was around.
when she was sick, he was there.
when she’s scared he would hold her
when she’s bored he would chill with her even when his with people.
when she’s being troubled, he would protected her.
he’ll provoke anybody that messes with her.
his got a bunch of friends but was always with her
And everytime they were around his friends, he never denied her instead he would touch her and keep asking if she’s alright.
And when his friends wanted to leave and he said,” Guys we can’t go. Bunny is scared.”
i guess he’ll stop the world for her.
not only her but everyone he loves
she took him for granted.
and only realised his care when she got him angry.
he told her that he never wanted to see me or hear from her but in less than an hour later, she told him she was cold and he gentle placed his arms around her.
and later that day he texted her to ask if she was alright.
he was worried about her when his suppose to be mad
he cares more than he should.
put aside his anger for her
this is more than care
as Jaden’s mom says you know someone loves you when their situation affect yours, that made her wonder if he loves her because every situation she’s in makes him worry more than her.
it took her while but she appreciate his care
and now she nows that emtee is just being teebaeAnd for that she hopes that everyone gets themselve a teebae.
so when days are dark, lord dont worry,teebae got me.

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