love · TeeBae

When TeeBae Looks At Bunny

Dear Wayne

Eyes can tell you more than any mouth could. That’s why they say eyes tell a better story than words.
It was the first night that he slept on her room officially. Even though the night didn’t go according to his plan, Bunny still woke up in his hands; and as she open her eyes, Teebae kissed her good morning.
It was a lazy day and they both stayed in bed, bunny made him breakfast and Teebae made her wet.
The fun ended when his friends called him.
Bunny bathed and went to the wifi with Scott and while they were browsing the internet Teebae called Bunny. They talked for a sec.
Teekay looked at Bunny, his eyes shrink as his grin got wider. He stopped rolling the weed but kept gazing into her eyes.
she got shy and looked away. But couldn’t stop thinking about the look. She never knew how Teebae felt about her but that moment all she can think of was that he loved her.

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