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My Samson

My Samson
Vanilla, yellow cool guy but a bit shy
Great gentleman with a lot of passion and dreams
Don’t smoke, don’t drink much…just love food. #sweets
Good listener with a very soft seductive voice that’s compling.
But stronger than a lion.

My Samson
cool cut, long dreads but very charming.
Always keeps it real; narcissist in a sexy way
Independent, debative and like to do things in his own way.
Always in the mirror cause his muscular with a full pack #abs
But his sweeter than honey

My Samsom
Strong and kind like samson
Handsome, a lady’s man but only loves one woman like samson
Calm, cares alot and has a strong faith like Samson
Hurt with a broken heart but you’ll never notice in that hot great body like samson
Although his short and his IVAN; to me his my Samson.

My Samson
Stronger than a Lion
Because His very tough, territorial and protective.
Sweet as honey
For his Calm, romantic and really smooth
Difference in every way, Sweet Vanilla…

Stronger than lion, Sweet as honey.

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