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Come Over And Fuck

It was a very romantic day, where flowers were blooming and birds were singing and there I was at the park reading a book, what Rhythms With Bastard?, it’s a book about how a nice boyfriend became a Bastard. I can relate.

So a couple came and set next to me at the corner of the bench. I glanced at them enough to notice how happy they were. They talked, they laughed, cuddle and kissed. They even ask me to take pictures of them, although it was so embarrassing I did cause I was so proud of them.

I was so proud of how the guy is able to spend time with his girl and how blessed she is to find someone who cares and there for her. Someone who she can talk too and make her laugh. That’s all I want. I bet that’s all every girl want not need.

I placed my butt to the edge of the bench sit then lay my head placing the book on my face. I was deep in thoughts. Ever since we dated we never spend time together, Why don’t you wanna spend time with me. Meet up and take a walk together or go to the park and cuddle or just stand in the corner and smooch each other until elders complains.

Why can’t you take me to a place where there is a lot of people, with you holding my hand and twirling me around making me smile and me making you blush. Kissing me in front of a bunch of girls and all the boys that want me. Holding my hips and grabbing my butt letting the whole world know I’m yours.

Suddenly I got up, put my book down then took out my phone and as I was about to text you. You texted me and I saw ‘come’ which made me smile until I read the whole text, ‘wanna come over and fuck?’…Got me confused, am I your girlfriend or fuck buddy??

I mean you could have said, wanna come and spend time with me or I miss you please come see me or can you come. Simple. Then I Come, we spend time together, talk, laugh, cuddle and kiss; and just before you know it one thing leads to another(Sex).

A tear rolled down my face and I tried to be strong as I got up looking at the couple Kissing…I walked home in so much confusion. Throw myself on the bed and look up the ceiling as tears came out like pop bottle. You said you love me but love is not sex…

You see i believed that you loved me but I guess you didn’t Because All you want is to come over and fuck.

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